2 Thoughts to “MN2 pass over Arabian Sea – 07.19.2016 at 09:25AM (UTC+5:30)”

  1. Gerardo Mauro

    Good afternoon Damith
    one greetings to your person and home and apology is to ask information I am Gerardo Maduro YV6gm’m amateur and I have dedicated myself to lose the images of Noaa 15 and 18 with the Wx toing program which I would like you to help me set and I see you have much more experience in this I thank you for your help before hand to your posiilidad I hope mtu response or some friend you know who can help me set my leave and I hope your answer Damith

    1. Damith

      Good afternoon Gerardo!

      I am more than happy to help you get WxtoImage working for NOAA sats. Please let me know what you have with you so that I can easy to assist you.

      Best regards,

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