Fascinated to be a human being in the planet earth, inspired by the natural phenomenons in the universe. Trying to understand and explain things around me which I call science. I graduated in the same field and extremely happy that my hobby & the job for living goes hand in hand. This is all about me Damith Jayawickrama.

Technology & Research Interests

RF inspired me since my childhood, have an eager to learn RF and RF related technologies really took me miles and miles in my research areas.

Aviation & Avionics

As a human being we always impressed to things that we are not good at or areas where we are challenged at. Flying is something that every human being is not gifted by mother nature but magically we human beings are equipped with wisdom that we overcome out challenges. As a result of wisdom we are flying creatures in the plant earth but not limited we are space traveling also. Being a member of the same bunch I am also impressed flying and combining my other interests together I am in avionics as well.

Coaching and Mentoring

Additionally I really enjoy coaching & mentoring others on areas where I am good at. Recently I found a dynamic and enthusiastic bunch of students at University of Kelaniya where I hope they would do something better for the plant earth.

Best regards,

Damith Jayawickrama