After a tragic thunderstorm, comparatively calm weather can be observed over Sri Lanka. Gloomy conditions, intermittent rains and fairly mid/strong winds expected.

MN2 Satellite image captured on Saturday morning (05.21.2016 at 09.40AM) shows that the tragic storm has moved away from Sri Lanka but few fairly strong patches are still approaching Sri Lanka from southwest direction. Gloomy weather, intermittent heavy showers and mid/strong winds can be expected.

Wish speed recovery for those who affected by flooding and deadly landslides.

Sri Lanka, satellite, Damith Jayawickrama, weather, LK
MN2 pass over Sri Lanka – 05.21.2016 at 09:40AM (UTC+5:30)

Date: 05.21.2016 at 09:40AM (UTC+5:30)
Captured by: Damith Jayawickrama.
Weather station: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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