MN2 satellite images shows that thunder storms on and around Sri Lanka. Colombo FIR issued a thunderstorm warning for aviators.

M2 – IR Image
M2 – IR Rainfall Image


  • Type: SIGMET
  • Hazard: Thunderstorm
  • Max altitude: 42,000 ft
  • Region: VCCF COLOMBO
  • Raw data: VCCF SIGMET A05 VALID 191630/192030 VCBI-VCCF COLOMBO FIR ISOL EMBD TS FCST WI N0600 E07800-N0700 E08000-N0700 E08830-N0440 E08900-N0010 E07810-N0600 E07800 TOP FL420 MOV NW=
  • Issued by: VCBI
  • Valid from: 2017-02-19T16:30:00Z
  • Valid to: 2017-02-19T20:30:00Z


Date: 02.19.2017 at 08:56 & 10:15PM (UTC+5:30)
Captured by: Damith Jayawickrama.
Weather station: Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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