After a long dry season we can expect some rain over the island. Some rainy clouds appear on these satellite images and some are heading towards the country.

Meteor M2 – RGB image

Receiving winds from NE might bring these rainy clouds over eastern and mostly to central province which might help paddy farmers to keep their fields alive for few more weeks.

If the second sets of clouds are strong enough to last for few more weeks depending on the thickness and the wind speed this might ease the dry situation.

Update 1: NOAA 19 images were added later in the evening. Some more clouds are on our way.

Meteor M2 – IRrainfall image

Update 2: Added MN2 night pass with some good quality images could see some rainy clouds.

Please scroll down to see more satellite images captured with in the day by different satellites in different times.

Meteor M2 – IR image
Meteor M2 – RGBrainfall image

Meteor M2 – IRrainfall image



Date: 01.22.2017 at 10:00AM (UTC+5:30)
Captured by: Damith Jayawickrama.
Weather station: Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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