Satellite image of Sri Lanka captured by MN2 passing on 09.11.2016 at 8.50AM (+5.30 GMT) via the weather station located in Colombo Sri Lanka operated by Damith Jayawickrama.

Satellite image Srilanka
MN2 pass over Sri Lanka – 09.11.2016 at 08:50AM (UTC+5:30)

Mostly a sunny day with some winds. Look at that beautiful wind pattern over the seas around the country. Cloud formation over western and southern provinces of Sri Lanka clearly shows the central mountain effect. What an amazing marvel of mother nature, eastern seas is super clear of clouds due to upraise of southwestern winds.

Date: 09.11.2016 at 08:50AM (UTC+5:30)
Captured by: Damith Jayawickrama.
Weather station: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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