Weather satellite image of Sri Lanka captured on 09.04.2016 at 09.30 (+5.30 GMT) by MN2 satellite shows weather in Sri Lanka. that it is mostly a cloudy and a windy day in and around Sri Lanka. Wind direction is south western and western direction into the country.

Weather satellite image of Sri Lanka
MN2 pass over Sri Lanka – 09.04.2016 at 09:30AM (UTC+5:30)

It is mostly a cloudy day in most parts of the country with bit of intermittent sunshine. Fairly less temperature throughout the day and night. Winds can be expected from western and southwestern direction of Sri Lanka.

Aircrafts flying over and around Sri Lanka does not seems to request much weather deviations by the ATC as most of the flying paths are still clear from thick clouds.


Date: 09.04.2016 at 09:30AM (UTC+5:30)
Captured by: Damith Jayawickrama.
Weather station: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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